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Mountain Gorilla Habituation Experience

Have you always wondered how it’s possible one to get safely within meters of 200kg plus beautiful but intimidating beast that can rip your arms out of their sockets, known as the mountain gorilla…the simple answer lies in whether the said beast is habituated or not which brings you to the fascinating experience of mountain Gorilla Habituation experience.

This is process by which mountain gorillas are slowly and gradually exposed to human presence to the point that they are regard us neutrally. It should be noted that while both habituated and non-habituated mountain gorillas are considered wild, the latter are truly wild in the sense that they are unaccustomed to human presence in which they are either likely to flee into the forest or be downright dangerous and aggressive.
Thankfully, neither of these is the cases when tracking gorillas in the national parks even though time and again, trackers are given that odd mock charge or even a finger pointed in their face by a grumpy silverback nor black uneasy at one coming too close.
It takes about two to three years to fully habituate a group of mountain gorillas, along and painstaking process. This process is even longer for chimpanzees-normally taking about seven years before they are fully habituated.
Mountain gorilla habituation involves spending time with a gorilla group every day and gradually wining over their trust, which is done by mimicking their behavior; pretending to eat the same food as they do at the same time, grunting and even beating ones chest when they do.

When our clients develop interest in going for the activity, we secure for them habituation permit that permits themto help in the habituation process that takes the all day with the interaction with the gorillas.For this process it’s so essential to note that it involves repeated charges are common from the gorillas but incase clients are always with rangers. And this activity is fares are beat high compared to gorilla trekking.