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AMREF flying Medevac insurance
Yes safari are beyond no doubt that they are life time experience, a journey you, your families and your friends have been looking forward to with enticement and planned and saved for years! Understandably you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong on your safari, but yes, very occasionally does it happen, this is especially true for some of the remote places where your safari may take you and incase of any serious medical emergency, getting to the nearest full-service hospital may mean a long
transfer on ground due to some of the poor road networks in some areas which is why we always strongly recommend our clients to acquire travel insurance head of their safari.

In case your booking safari with us, we will first make sure and asses that your safari is life protected and fully covered with insurance covers in that in the immediate cases that you want quick response to medical assistance during your safari with us in UGANDA, KENYA, TANZANIA and RWANDA, its readily available for you.
SAVANNAH EXPLORE LTD in partnership with AMREF flying Doctors, we automatically cover for your Emergency medical evacuation. During your booking of safari with us we shall ask for few personal details so as to get you registered for the medevac insurance Tourist Evacuation scheme. The emergency medical insurance gives you access to emergency air evacuation, when it’s required from the point of emergency during the safari and with all costs completely covered.

Why we register our clients with the Flying Doctor Services?
24 hour access to medical care and assistance;
Signing up for the flying Doctor services guarantees you access to medical assistance 24 hours a day, no matter how remote your location on your safari with us in EAST AFRICA , Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda.

Full coverage;
A medevac emergency air evacuation is very costly and your expenses can easily cost thousands of dollars and Euros. US registering you on your safari with the AMREF Tourist Evacuation Scheme gives you full coverage of costs of the air ambulance, transport from the point of emergency to the hospital
and first 24 hours international hospital in Kenya.

Easy and hassle free
No dealing with third parties, all you need to do is contact Savannah Explore when booking your safari and we shall sign you up and yes you will receive proof of your registration. In case of any emergency, AMREF will deal with the paperwork and your insurance company directly.

Medical Professionalism.

AMREF Flying Doctors have been in the aeromedical industry for more than 60 years and being the leading provider of fixed wing air ambulance services in Africa. Having fully trained and dedicated doctors to execute their duties with willingness and love towards their job. All you have to do is contact savannah explore and just seat back and relax and we shall arrange your dream safari with ease and you enjoy your African safari with at harmony.

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